Groundnut Thresher

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Gurunanak agriculture Groundnut Thresher is capable of threshing Groundnut crop with high efficiency and zero grain breakage in the output.

The thresher can be operated via the PTO shaft of a 35hp (or more) tractor.

A smaller version is also available which is operated via a self mounted engine.(engine power as per customer’s requirement.)

Groundnut Thresher

Groundnut Thresher


Groundnut Thresher

Groundnut Thresher

  1. Every thresher design is simulated and tested via 3d software.
  2. Precision manufacturing by CNC machines(laser cutting, CNC bending and CNC lathe, CO2 MIG welding, Oven Paint Booth) and highly skilled labor.
  3. Heavy balance wheel giving lesser load on tractor giving high fuel economy.
  4. High quality running parts like – bearings, belts, pulleys etc.
  5. More output capacity and cleaner grains than others.
  6. Vibration free running, computerized balancing system.
  7. Longer life and cost effective for farmers with hassle free working.
  8. High ground clearance and low center of gravity which provide ease of transportation in the fields.
  9. Easy to use grain cleaning adjustments.
  10. Feeding system – Hopper/ Belt conveyor.
  11. Output elevator (optional) can directly store the grains into the trolley which reduces the labor cost.
  12. Covers and guards are provided on all moving parts as recommended by BIS Standard IS:9020


Export Version

A special Knock Down model is designed for export purposes only. Reducing the transportation cost up to a very large extent and results in cheaper machines to our customers.


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