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Lower Drum Thresher

Product Meta
Our latest innovation in the field of Paddy / Multicrop Threshers. This eliminates the need of elevator and hopper from the thresher. This thresher is equipped with high capacity suction blowers with the highest grain cleaning approach. Manufactured by well trained mechanics under supervision of highly qualified engineers. Thresher design approved and suggested by agriculture research laboratories and universities.all moving parts / bearings fitted with dust proof seals for longer life and durability.covers and guards are provided as recommended by BIS standard IS:9020 all parts are manufactured with high precision using CNC machines and robotics.

Key Attractions

  1. Input chute on the lower half which eliminates the need of hopper.
  2. Grain output from the upper half for directly storing grains in trolley.
  3. Less labour requirement.
  4. Smaller in size giving ease of transportation.
  5. Zero chances of accidents and self damages.
  6. Even lesser load on the tractor.
  7. Cost effective.